Back Pain

14th May 2015

Back pain afflicts around 85% of adults at some point during their lives. Happily, the NHS has recently looked at the evidence for acupuncture in treating lower back pain and...

Arthritis, low back pain & Fibromyalgia | Acupuncture in Brighton & Hove

30th Jan 2013

An Arthritis Research UK study into the efficacy of complementary treatments has found consistent evidence that acupuncture is effective in easing some of the symptoms of osteoarthritis, low back pain...

Rooibosh tea - A Natural Super-Antioxydant

Rooibos Tea Afternoon Break

07th Oct 2012

As many people in the UK, when I have time, I like to have a tea or coffee break in the afternoon. Sometimes I have the Starbucks call simply because...

Low Income Acupuncture in Brighton

Low Income Acupuncture in Brighton

01st Oct 2012

Low Income Acupuncture Clinic in Brighton at the Mulberry House Sakina believes that everyone should be able to receive acupuncture treatments regardless of their social backgrounds. Therefore, Sakina belongs to...